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Envirowall strawboard is lightweight, strong and impact-resistant – and of course, made of 100% waste straw. Its integral strength means it can easily hold the weight of shelves, pictures or radiators. With moisture and impact resistance as standard Envirowall strawboard offers new levels of protection over and above standard MDF, chipboard or plasterboard.

Our strawboard panel core is easily cut and routered, providing a wealth of possibilities for fixtures and fittings. This allows us to create not only sustainable wall panels but also sustainable fixtures such as counters, displays and reception desks.

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The low energy manufacturing process mixes natural straw (97%) with zero formaldehyde resin (3%) in a large hopper. The homogenous material is then heated and extruded, before pressure is applied to the composite material to produce a compressed rigid straw board. We then take the raw board and carryout all machining, shaping, finishing etc making it suitable for a high quality building interior. When incorporated into our partitioning system, we can achieve half hour fire resistance, sound and impact resistance.

Strawboard is inherently strong and resists impacts. It can be used as an alternative to plasterboard (now a hazardous waste) and MDF, and in fact has similar integral strength benefits to MDF. It is comfortably able to withstand the weight of shelves, radiators etc when being fixed into the board – something that cannot be easily done with plasterboard.

Strawboard is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and does not incorporate any harmful substances such as formaldehydes or sulphates.

Finish options are limitless and include foil wrapping, melamine, laminate and water based spray applications. Application and finishes are limited only to your imagination!

Standard sizes are 12mm, 15mm & 18mm thick 2440x1220mm sheets. However, a range of other sizes and thicknesses are available – contact us with your requirements.


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